For a garden or landscape design to work, everything outside must blend perfectly with everything inside and be suited to the purpose for which it is built. Gardens are, after all, an extension of the building or dwelling they surround. Our thorough consultation process involves getting a detailed brief from you on what you want. We then build a clear picture based on your lifestyle, your budget, and the number of people who will use the area and for what purpose.

We also take into account any theme that you may want to follow, as well as your planting specifications; you might, for example, want to use all natives. We also advise and make recommendations on how to proceed once we have considered environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, wind, soil suitability, and so on.

Our consultants are also able to advise you on those things you might not think of that are crucial to having an outstanding garden; for example, proper irrigation advice can ensure that your garden requires very little maintenance, uses water effectively and remains a place where you can relax for a long, long time.

We can also advise on the effective use of garden lighting. We can’t over emphasise the importance of this. Having your outdoor entertaining area or garden well lit totally changes the aesthetic of the whole project. It allows you to highlight certain elements and make features of them and to enjoy your garden at night.

Once we have attained a very clear brief on the project, we will walk you through our ideas, getting your feedback and input along the way. We will then put together a comprehensive proposal.

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